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Tracheostomy Aids

Ανακαλύψτε online όλα τα βοηθήματα τραχειοστομίας που είναι απαραίτητα για τον ασθενή με τραχειοσωλήνα. Διαθέσιμα online θα βρείτε φίλτρα ύγρανσης και θέρμανσης, στηρίγματα συγκράτησης, μαντηλάκια μεταξωτά και βαμβακερά. Επίσης, διαθέσιμες υπάρχουν οι βαλβίδες ομιλίας, είδη καθαρισμού και απολύμανσης καθώς και διάφορά εξαρτήματα για την βελτιωμένη διαβιώση των ασθενών όπως μασκες τραχειοστομίας συνδετικά, συναγερμός έκτακτης ανάγκης , και στηρίγματα για την εξομάλυνση του τραχεισωλήνα.

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TIK Suction Catheter with Vacuum Control
Sterile suction catheter with vacuum control by TIK, Slovenia for better suction adjustment.
Bastos Viegas Tracheostomy Compresses
Tracheostomy compresses with round slit by Bastos Viegas, Portugal, for absorption of oral secretion...
ΤΙΚ Suction Catheter
Sterile suction catheter by TIK, Slovenia, suitable for the suction of mucus and secretions from the...
Rex Drain Tracheostomy Drainage Swabs (pack of 2)
Rex Drain tracheostomy drainage swabs, 10x10cm non woven gauze, ideal for tracheostomy cases.
Compact HME Filter
Out of stock
The Compact humidification/heating filter is used in patients connected to a ventilator circuit.
REF 641 Tracoe T-Shaped HME Filter
Out of stock
Humidification-heating filter by Tracoe, Germany, for sterile tracheal tube with removable oxygen co...
Tracheal Compress with Aluminium Coating
Tracheal compress with a special slit by Fahl, Germany, reinforced with aluminum foil for greater ti...
Optiflausch Tube Holder (Adults)
Out of stock
Optiflausch tube holder by Fahl, Germany for adults made of soft foam.  
Mount Catheter
Kyoling mount catheter for connecting the tracheal tube to the ventilator circuit.
Tracheolife-type HME Filter
Tracheolife tracheostomy filter for moisturizing and heating the breath.
Tracheostomy Mask
The tracheostomy mask is used to connect the patient to a respiratory circuit, oxygen cylinder, or n...
Τ 46440 HME Filter
Out of stock
Humidofix humidification-heating filter by Fahl, Germany, for sterile T-shaped tracheal tube.
Optiflausch Tube Holder For Children
Optiflausch Ped tube holder for children by Fahl, Germany, made of soft foam material.
HME Filter 46450
Out of stock
Humidification-heating filter by Fahl, Germany for Humidotrach tube with oxygen inlet port.
Laryngofoam® HME Foam Filters (30 pcs)
Laryngofoam filters by Kapitex, UK, for humidifying-heating the inhaled air.

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