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Isothermal bag for transporting medicines
Isothermal bag by GIMA, Italy, suitable for transporting medicines that require a refrigerator such...
Gima Medical Bag
Professional bag for medical visits, necessary for every doctor who is on the move!
First aid Emergency bag
Out of stock
First aid professional bag by Gima, Italy.
Medical equipment carrying bag
Medical equipment carrying bag for home visits by Gima, Italy.   Suitable for all needs of medical...
First Aid medical equipment carrying bag
First Aid medical equipment carrying bag by Gima, Italy.
Gima 27153 Emergency Bag
Large first aid kit by Gima suitable for rescuers, doctors or ambulances
Probe’s Isothermal Ampoule Holder
Made to order
Probe's isothermal bag specially designed for transporting vials by Elite Bags.
Kansas Skay Medical Bag
Made to order
Kansas Skay medical visit bag made of high quality leatherette, with a central compartment and inner...
ResQ Emergency Bag
Made to order
The ResQ emergency bag is a practical solution for rescuers, nurses, ambulances as well as for docto...
KIDLE'S Emergency Bag
Made to order
The KIDLE'S emergency bag is a versatile solution for providing First Aid in any space. It is specia...
Tube's Emergency Bag
Made to order
Tube's emergency bag for oxygen supply in the countryside.
Classy's Leather Doctor's Bag
Made to order
Elite Classy's bag, made of premium quality leather, it can accompany you on your home visits and be...

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