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Treatment Aids

You can find daily care aids in our online shop such as walkers, crutches, support pillows, air mattresses and bed rolls. Also, you can look for bath chairs with or without back, bath handles for support, some more medical items that improve the care of our loved ones.

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Single plastic mattress cases
Out of stock
Single plastic mattress cases   Packaging: 10 pcs  
Male Urinal
Plastic Male Urinal
Waterproof mattress cover - single
Mattress plastic cover 100% waterproof.   Ideal for the protection of the mattress form urine. It...
Hot Water Bottle 2lt
Out of stock
Hot water bottle 2lt
Bed Back Rest with Pillow
The bed back rest with pillow is especially useful for bedridden patients. The inclination can be ad...
Lower knee anticoagulant sock Cambren® C
Last piece
Lower knee anticoagulant sock with degreeless compression - Cambren® C by Hartmann, Germany.   Dim...
Back pillow anatomical roll
Back pillow for anatomical support in a roll.   Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x9x9cm
Heel/ elbow Protective aid
Protective aid for heel or elbow for bed sores.
Cuddly electric heating pad
Cuddly electric heating pad   Available in two sizes: 35x50cm 40x60cm
Inflatable Donut Cushion 45cm
Elastic inflatable donut cushion with a 45cm diameter to prevent the formation of bed sores, as well...
Bath Chair with Back
Bath chair with adjustable back height to assist the person during the bath.
Standard Walker
Standard walker made of aluminum.
Fazzini Antidecubitus Alternating Air Pressure Mattress
Air pressure mattress 250E with pump by Fazzini. It is ideal for preventing the formation of ulcers...
Sloping bed pillow
Bed pillow with slope for support.   It can also be used for bedridden patients as a nursing aid
Beurer HD 75 Cosy Nordic Electric Blanket
Beurer HD 75 Cozy Nordic Electric blanket, comfortable and soft with dimensions 180x130cm. It is a l...

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