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Silicon Tubes

The wide variety of our store stands next to the medical staff and the patient based on the durability and reliability of medical supplies. In our online store you will also find laryngectomy tracheostomy tubes made of 100% transparent silicone without an inner tube.

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REF 607 Button Plus Silicone Tube
Last piece
Button Plus silicone tube by Tracoe, Germany, designed for patients who continue to have difficulty...
Montgomery Long-Term Tube
Montgomery long-term tubestoma button type, with special anatomical shape.
Laryngotec tracheostomy silicone tube for long-term use 14920
Laryngotec tracheostomy silicon tube for long-term use by Fahl, Germany, for walking patients.
Montgomery T-tube
Montgomery T-shaped tube with attached cap.
Silicone Stoma Button
Straight Stoma button (tracheostomy button) by Tracoe, Germany, ideal for patients with tracheostomy...
Montgomery T-shaped tracheal tube (Long)
Montgomery T-shaped tracheal tube with attached cap, long. It is indicated for patients with trachea...

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