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Diagnostic Tests

Get from the online store of Germanos Medicals diagnostic tests as well as devices of all kinds for the immediate and reliable diagnosis of body markers. You will find covid-19 test, pregnancy test as well as cholesterol and sugar strips. Prioritizing the reliability of diagnostic test results, Germanos Medicals is by your side at all times.

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Self -Test Covid-19 NasoCheck Comfort with nasal coating
Out of stock
Self-test Covid 19 LEPU - Medical NasoCheck Comfort with nasal coating. Reliable result after just 1...
Drug Test (Cannabis)
Diagnostic test by Diagnostic Nord for the quick and qualitative detection of hashish (cannabis indi...
7 Parameter Rapid drug test
Diagnostic test for the quick and reliable detection of 7 different drug and psychotropic substances...
Lungene Covid-19 Corona Virus Rapid Test (25pcs)
CorDX Influenza A/B & Covid-19/RSV Combo Diagnostic Test. It is intended for the qualitative det...
Sterile Cotton Swab & Tube for Covid-19 Test
Sterile specimen collection cotton swab & tube for COVID 19 testing.   Available per piece
Strep A test Boson
Out of stock
Boson Biotech's rapid strep test is used for the qualitative assessment of strep A  antigen from a t...
10 Parameter Urine Test Strips (100 pcs)
All-Test diagnostic strips for the easy and quick examination of 10 different urine parameters.
Rapid Strep Test
Diagnostic test for the rapid and qualitative detection of group A streptococcal antigen from pharyn...
Blood glucose test strips (50pcs) - VivaChek
Blood glucose test strips, using the Vivachek Eco blood glucose meter.   Each package of VivaC...
pH Indicator Paper (Strips) 100pcs
Disposable indicator strips for measuring pH in solution by Johnson. On a scale of 0 to 14.   Pac...
Clear View Pregnancy Test
Clear View Pregnancy Test 10 mIU/mL.
Finger prick pen
Finger prick pen by Gima, Italy. It is used for easy and quick finger pricking for blood collection...
Uric acid test strips (25 pieces)
Uric acid test strips.   Compatible with Accu - Answer isaw meter Package of 25 pieces
Acro UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) Rapid Test
Test for immediate diagnosis of UTI
Accu-answer isaw 4 parameter measuring device
4 parameter measuring device. Suitable for measuring blood glucose, uric acid, cholesterol and hemo...

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