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Sterilisation Materials

To keep surgical instruments and medical equipment sterile, purchase sterilization consumables such as cases, rollers, tapes and disposable sterilization containers as well as a welding device.
Follow all hygiene and sterilization rules in medical supplies with products from Germanos Medicals, guaranteeing you reliability and 99% disinfection from the most common germs and viruses.

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Disposable Sterilization Pouches (200 pcs)
Wet oven sterilization cases with self-adhesive seal and sterilization indicator.   Packaging: 200...
Sterilization Indicator Tape
Self-adhesive tape 3/4' with sterilization indicator for use in a steam sterilizer.   The tape cha...
Dry Heat Indicator Strips (250 pcs)
Sterilization Indicators by Steritec, USA, for use in dry sterilizers.   Packaging: 250 pcs
Sterilization Crepe Paper (pack)
Special type sterilization crepe paper of Arjowiggins healthcare, 60 gr/m2, green color.   Availab...
Sterilisation Chemical Indicators Sterigut (250 pcs)
Sterilisation Chemical Indicators Sterigut by Amcor, Australia, suitable for checking in-pack steril...
Sterilization Roll
Sterilization roll suitable for disinfection of small and large objects in a wet autoclaves.  ...
Ultraviolet Sterilizer UV Topp - Single
Made to order
BHEK UV sterilizer. Equipped with a UV lamp that quickly destroys all microorganisms. Ideal for ste...
Gusseted Sterilization Roll
Last piece
Gusseted sterilization roll suitable for disinfection of small and large objects in a wet autoclave.
EVO GD – 301 Sterilization Roll Sealer
Made to order
EVO GD – 301 Sterilization Roll Sealer, compact without accessories. Suitable for dental, medical a...

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