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Urine Collectors & External Catheters

In our online store you will find disposable and reusable men's urinals as well as 24-hour urinals. Also available are simple collectors and urine drainage leg bags, collectors with drain tap and hourly measuring urine collectors are available to meet daily needs.

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Urine Drainage Bag with T-tap
Bedside urine drainage bag 3S with 2000ml capacity and T-tap.   It has gradation per 100ml, a non-...
Urine Drainage Bag
Simple non-sterile bedside urine collection bag made of medical type (non-toxic) PVC according to in...
Supersoft - Silicone Male External Catheter
Supersoft Male External catheters made of 100% medical silicone with adhesive.
Male Urinal Disposable
Disposable male urinal, made of pressed paper.
Silicone Male External Catheter
Out of stock
Wellead male external catheters made of 100% medical silicone.   Internally they have an adhesive...
Urine Drainage Bag Holder
Urine Drainage Bag Holder for 1.5 and 2lt urine collectors. It has hooks to prevent the urine collec...
Urine Drainage Leg Bag
Urine drainage leg bag 500ml for tying on the thigh.   It has a non-return valve and a drain tap....
Disposable bedpan
Disposable bedpan, made entirely from 100% recyclable paper pulp.
Male Urinal
Plastic Male Urinal
24-hour Urine Sample Container
Plastic container with screw cap for collecting urine on a 24-hour basis
MoliCare® Flash Slip extra plus day diapers, 6 drops
Flash Slip day diapers, high absorbency and quality, with resealable bands, ideal for bedridden pati...

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