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Infusion & Drainage Sets

For safe intravenous administration of serum, choose microdroplet serum devices with precision barrel type regulator from leading manufacturers that you will find online. The variety of Germanos Medicals features reliable microdroplet serum devices with a smooth surface puncture nozzle and a sharp tip with hardness and conicality.

In addition, the microdroplet serum devices have a built-in airway with a microbiota filter in order to maintain the unimpeded flow of liquid.

Choose the infusion devices that meet the needs of your patients and your people from the wide variety of Germanos Medicals.

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IV Infusion Set
Intravenous infusion set with 1.5m airway
Micro Drip Infusion Set
Micro Drip Infusion Set with precision flow rate control
Blood Transfusion Set
Disposable blood transfusion set, sterile.
Yankauer Suction Set with Tip
Suction tube 210cm long with Yankauer 24ch tip (Ø 5.6 x 8.0 mm) by Bicakcilar, Turkey, in sterile pa...
B-Flow Flow Regulator
Last piece
IV infusion set with flowmeter, in sterile packaging, by Bicakcilar, Turkey.   It has: 'Y' inje...
AMNIORAM 20G x 150 mm Amniocentesis needle
Amniocentesis needle AMNIORAM 20G x 150 mm by Ri.Mos, Italy.   Specially designed for trans-abdomi...
Bicakcilar Pleural Puncture set
Pleural Puncture set by Bicakcilar, Turkey.    The product does not contain latex and is sterilize...
3-valve pipette bulb
Out of stock
3-valve pipette bulb, suitable for the suction and deposition of various liquids, acids, dangerous s...
Σύριγγα Next PRP
Η σύριγγα Next PRP προσφέρει μία εναλλακτική, έξυπνη και αποτελεσματική λύση για την προετοιμασία το...

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