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Examination Beds

In our online store you will discover examination beds of exceptional quality, with or without stainless steel bobe back, in various colors, ideal for all clinics. Choose the right one for your medical facility and get it from Germanos Medicals with a quality guarantee.

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Inox Examination Bed
Made to order
Examination bed in a classic design from a durable stainless steel frame
Vomex Beauty Bed
Made to order
Weelko's Vomex chair is an economical solution, ideal for a multitude of aesthetic and dermatology a...
Swaddling Table with scale
Made to order
Changing table with digital baby scale by Fazzini, Italy   It has: Integrated baby scale and he...
Metal Folding Bed
Made to order
Metal folding bed by Moretti
Εξεταστική κλίνη ανοξείδωτη με bombe προσκέφαλο
Last piece
Εξεταστική κλίνη σε κλασικό σχέδιο με Bombe προσκέφαλο. Κατασκευασμένη από ανθεκτικό ανοξείδωτο σκελ...

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