Who we are

Germanos Medicals is one of the oldest importing companies in the medical field. Since our establishment in 1945 by Michail Germanos, we have been active and growing our activities in the medical products sector.

We are a third-generation family business that has a long tradition as an importer and wholesaler of consumable medical products. We supply a large network of resellers throughout the country offering products with the best quality /price relationship. 

Furthermore, our venture into the hospital sector by the 1990s has bore fruits over the years, transforming our company into a formidable player in hospital sales in both invasive and minimally invasive products. 

Our mission is to supply the Greek Healthcare system with modern and effective means to treat illness or alleviate pain, in order to help patients recover.  

Οι εγκαταστάσεις μας στο Περιστέρι Αττικής


Our company meets the requirements and is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 for the correct disposal of medical devices

Areas of Interest

Μedical consumables & Equipment

Our beloved activity for over half a century! Extensive range of consumables for the day to day operation of every medical unit

Breast Implants

Complete range of silicone breast implants for reconstruction or augmentation.

Postoperative Rehabilitation Garments

Specialized garments to firmly support tissues after liposuction or other aesthetic surgery 

Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy

The most complete range of products in Greece for the care of patients with Tracheostomy or Laryngectomy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Sets

Ready to use PRP sets to harness the benefits of PRP for wound regeneration or for treating joint pain.


Brief History

Our story begins in 1945 when Michael Germanos, based in a warehouse in Omonia, begins selling basic medical supplies such as gauze, gloves, cotton, syringes, etc., from pharmacy to pharmacy in the greater Athens area.

In 1963 we inaugurate the new retail store in the area of ​​Omonia (69, Socratous str.), where the commercial heart of Athens beats. For decades to come, the area will be the primary destination for doctors to shop.

In 1981 we move to new warehouses with a capacity of 250m2 to cover our significant work load. Our large supplies and stocks are an attraction pole for many touring sellers, giving a boost to our wholesale sales.

In 1986 the second generation take on  The orientation of the company changes drastically in 1990. For the first time, we undertake the representation of major European companies in the Greek market in medical supply consumables and diagnostic products. The old facilities are not enough and that is why we are moving to new larger offices in the area of ​​Peristeri. At the same time, we start promoting the represented products in Public Hospitals and Institutions. 

Significant collaborations that continue to this day are being established, such as the one with Mentor Inc. in 1995 for plastic surgery products and with Tracoe Medical in 2000 in the field of tracheostomy.

In December 2006 we leave the facilities located in ​​Omonia area. Now our presence in retail is realized through collaborations.

In 2009 we review our organizational structure and move to our current facilities with a capacity of 1,330m2.

In 2014 we start our online store www.germanos-medicals.gr, returning dynamically in the field of retail sales.




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