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Tube Holders

In our online store you will find tracheal support brackets for babies, children and adults. They have a simple design for everyday use and are individually packaged. You will find brackets for holding tracheal tubes with a hook, with Velcro closure, made of soft foam material.

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Optiflausch Tube Holder (Adults)
Out of stock
Optiflausch tube holder by Fahl, Germany for adults made of soft foam.  
Tracheostomy neck strap 100cm
Tracheostomy neck strap made of pure white cotton.
Optiflausch Tube Holder For Children
Optiflausch Ped tube holder for children by Fahl, Germany, made of soft foam material.
Junior -Tube Holder (Children)
Out of stock
Junior tube holder with happy design by Fahl, Germany.
Trachi-hold Tube Holder
Trachi-hold tube holder by Kapitex, UK, for holding the trachea.
Neckfix K Tube Holder
Neckfix K tube holder in blue color.
REF 903 F Tracoe - Neckstrap with Hook-and-loop Fastener (Adults)
903F Neckstrap with Hook-and-loop Fastener by Tracoe, Germany, made of foam material with velcro clo...
REF 903-D Tracoe Neckstrap with Hook-and-loop Fastener (Long)
Neckstrap with hook-and-loop fastener (Long) by Tracoe, Germany, made of foam material for holding t...
Neckstrap with Hook KACLIP®
Neckstrap with hook by Fahl, Germany for holding the tracheal tubes.   Dimensions (LxW): 44x1.5cm
Στήριγμα τραχειοσωλήνα Neckifx® K
Στήριγμα τραχειοσωλήνα Neckifx® K κατάλληλος για ενηλίκους και συμβατός με όλους τους τραχειοσωλήνες...
Simply Fix tracheal tube holder
Simply Fix tracheal tube holder for adults.   Designed to fit around the neck and comfortably supp...

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