Surgical Drapes

The surgical drapes with or without hole as well as the self-adhesive or non, are available in the eshop of Germanos Medical. They are durable, impervious to moisture and germs and do not leave fluff.

The variety of German Medicals in surgical drapes ensures proper sterile coverage of the patient during a surgery.

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Surgical Drape
Sterile surgical drapes 2-ply, blue color and without hole, in single packaging
Foliodrape Surgical Drape
The Foliodrape surgical drapes of Hartmann Germany have been produced from 3ply material
Fenestrated Surgical Drape
Fenestrated surgical drapes, 2 ply waterproof in blue color.   Dimensions 38 x 45 cm...
Foliodrape Fenestrated Surgical Drape
Foliodrape fenestrated surgical drapes by Hartmann, Germany, made of excellent quality 3ply material...
Foliodrape Adhesive Surgical Drape
Out of stock
Foliodrape adhesive surgical drapes by Hartmann, Germany, 2ply disposable.   Dimensions...

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