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Dressing & Wound Care

At Germanos Medicals you will find online items available for the application of all types of dressing and wound care. Find simple elastic bandages, sterile and non-sterile gauze, support and welding tapes, plaster splints and a wide range of sutures for professional wound care.

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Cosmopor Adhesive Dressing
Cosmopor self-adhesive dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for post-operative wound care as well as the s...
Cosmopor I.V. Dressing
Cosmopor I.V. dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for the fixation of the venous indwelling cannula.
Noblemed Gauze Non Sterile (100 pcs)
Noblemed 8 ply (8ply) general purpose non-sterile gauze pads.   Code Dimensions Threads/ c...
Medipac 3.0 Silk Suture
SILK 3.0 non-absorbable braided silk suture.   Code Needle Thread Length 1623-CH 16m...
Micropore Paper Surgical Tape
Micropore hypoallergenic paper fixing tape, 9.2m long.   Width 1,25 cm 2,5 cm...
Asepta Gauze Bandage
Alfacare Gauze 20 threads / cm2 and weight ≈ 27 gr / m2.   Packaged in single envelope of medical...
Gauze dressings non-woven non-sterile (100 pcs)
Gauze dressing non-sterile, made of 4ply non-woven material.   Code Dimensions NW0505...
Sterilux Gauze Non Sterile (100pcs)
Sterilux gauze pads by Hartmann, Germany, non-sterile high quality (17 threads/ 8 ply).   Di...
Noblemed Absorbent Gauze Swabs Sterile 36x40cm (100pcs)
Out of stock
Noblemed sterile absorbent gauzes 36x40cm, suitable for various applications from general wound care...
Transpore Hypoallergenic Transparent Surgical Tape
3Μ Transpore hypoallergenic transparent tape in a length of 9.2m. Reliable application and fixation...
Durapore Hypoallergenic Silk Surgical Tape
Durapore hypoallergenic silk tape, 9.1m long. Reliable application and fixation with the 3M seal of...
PGA 3.0 Absorbable Suture
PGA.3 Synthetic absorbable surgical suture of polyglycolic acid   Code Needle Thread Lengt...
Neosorb Rapid Absorbable Suture (PGLA)
NEOSORB RAPID synthetic absorbable surgical suture is indicated for holding in contact soft tissue,...
REX Sterile Absorbent Gauze Swabs 36x40cm (10 pcs)
REX sterile absorbent gauzes swabs 36x40cm, suitable for a multitude of applications from general wo...
Medipac Silk 4.0 Suture
SILK 4.0 non-absorbable braided silk suture.   It can generally be used for the approximation, ret...

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