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In surgical instruments category, you will find everything you need to perform a surgery. We have high quality instruments made of stainless steel, a material that makes them the best instruments as well as durable over time. You will also find reusable and disposable surgical instruments. In the category of surgical instruments you will find stainless steel surgeries such as needle holder, anatomical and surgical forceps, dilators, hysterometer, anatomical and surgical scissors, clothes tweezers, ophthalmic instruments etc.

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Plastic Sterile Disposable Forceps
Disposable Mediware anatomical forceps, with rounded and wide tips.
Surgical Clip Remover
Surgical clip remover for disposable metal clips. In sterile packaging.
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder made of stainless metal.
Dressing Forceps
Dressing forceps with straight tips, straight made of stainless steel.
Skin Stapler Αdvan
Skin stapler Advan is a sterile, disposalble tool for medical use, made of stainless steel.   Cont...
Surgical Forceps
Surgical forceps made of stainless steel, suitable for many applications.
Straight Mosquito Forceps
Halsted Mosquito forceps straight made of stainless metal.
Scalpel Handle
Stainless steel scalpel handle
Curved Hemostatic Forceps
Pean-Kelly hemostatic forceps, curved made of stainless steel.
Surgical Scissors Sharp/ Blunt
Surgical scissors, general use, made of stainless steel, straight with sharp and blunt tip.
Straight Pean Forceps
Pean and Kelly hemostatic forceps, straight made of stainless steel.
Curved Mosquito Forceps
Curved Halsted Mosquito forceps made of stainless steel
Disposable Pean Type Forceps for Catheter Closure
Mediware disposable plastic sealing forceps
Lister Bandage Scissors
Lister bandage scissors made of stainless metal
Dressing Forceps - Thin Tip
Stainless steel dressing forceps, straight with thin tips

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