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General Purpose Supplies

Find all the necessary daily consumables for each doctor's office and medical unit in order to fully and safely cover the needs that arise. The range of Germanos Medicals includes gauze, syringes, needles, dressings, test papers, blades, scalpels, disinfection and sterilization supplies, and specialty consumables.


With many years of experience in the field of medical supplies, we take care of you by equipping your space with medical instruments and consumables from leading manufacturers.

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Bastos Viegas Otoscope Tips
Disposable otoscope tips by Bastos Viegas, Portugal, made of plastic. They are compatible with most...
Biomed Combi Stopper for Cannulas
Πώμα φλεβοκαθετήρων Biomed βιδωτό (luer lock) σε αποστειρωμένη συσκευασία.
Urine Collection Container
Plastic urine collection container 100ml
Kidney Dish - Paper
Νεφροειδές μιας χρήσης από πεπιεσμένο χαρτί.   Διάσταση 252 x 140 x 40mm   Κατα...
Νεφροειδή από φελιζόλ
Νεφροειδή μιας χρήσης από φελιζόλ.     Διάσταση 247 x 12 x 40mm   Διατίθενται α...
Syringe Combi Stopper
Out of stock
Πώματα luer lock μιας χρήσης διπλής όψης για σύριγγες σε αποστειρωμένη συσκευασία.   Οίκος Vygon
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) NobleMed Extra
NobleMed waterproof paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width     ...
Kidney Dish - Plastic
Πλαστικό νεφροειδές μιας χρήσης κίτρινου χρώματος.     Διάσταση 247 x 147 x 43mm...
Non-woven Couch Roll
Hydrophobic non-woven paper 14gr/m2 in a 50m long roll   Width 50 cm 60 cm 70 cm
2-Layer Couch Roll
Two-layer paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width 35 cm 50 cm 6...
Heine Otoscope Tips (50pcs)
Otoscope tips, disposable, plastic, by Heine Germany - AllSpec (Grey)
Disposable Wooden Tongue Depressors (500pcs)
Astir disposable wooden tongue depressors with a smooth surface for the oropharyngeal examination....
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) 60cm - Blue
Out of stock
Laminated paper sheet Soft in light blue, waterproof and absorbent, 50m long and 60cm wide.
Sharps Container for Needles 2,7lt
2.7lt plastic container with a lid for the safe disposal of infectious sharp objects such as needles...
Ultrasound Gel- Sonicgel 250ml
Ζελέ υπερήχων Sonicgel 250 ml διαφανές, κατάλληλο για όλους τους τύπους υπερήχων. Παράγεται στην Ελ...

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