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Medical Lighting

Discover high-quality examination office lighting, sidewalls LED and halogen, pen diagnostic lenses, as well as ceiling operating room lighting. You will find high-efficiency lighting, which are ideal for examination and minor surgeries in the office, and LED lighting that provide ideal conditions for examination and invasive cases.

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Inspection Pen Torch Fortelux LED
Fortelux N inspection pen torch by Riester, Germany, is one of the most popular pocket diagnostic li...
Led H2 Pro Head lighting
Head lighting Led H2 Pro.   Small, light and easy to manage with bright Samsung 4W cool white LE...
Side lighting KS Q7
Last piece
Side office lighting with 7 high quality LED lamps which provide ideal lighting for minor surgeries...
Magnifying Examination LED Light for Dermatology
Out of stock
Magnifying examination LED light, ideal for dermatological examination.
HEINE F.O. Headlight
Made to order
Optical fiber headlight by HEINE, Germany, with high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally-brig...
LED Visano Examination / Operation Light
Made to order
Led Visano Examination/ Operation Light ensures ideal conditions for examination as well as for inte...
Heine Fiber Optic (F.O.) Projector
Last piece
The HK 7000 source by Heine, Germany, is equipped with a very powerful 150W Halogen lamp for maximum...
Minston Q6 LED Minor Light Mobile Base
Made to order
Minston Q6 LED Minor Light Mobile Base ideal for examination and minor procedures in the office
Sheffmed Lion LED Headlight
Made to order
Sheffmed Lion LED Headlight   It is an extremely light and anatomically designed lighting device,...

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