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LED Visano Examination / Operation Light

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Led Visano Examination/ Operation Light ensures ideal conditions for examination as well as for interventional cases.


Made in Switzerland by Derungs

Led Visano Examination/ Operation Light is for the few who seek uncompromising quality! Designed and manufactured by the Swiss Derungs, it is a unique tool at the service of any physician of any specialty. Thanks to the unique design, the modern lighting technology and the high quality of light, it ensures ideal conditions for the examination as well as for the interventional cases.


The light emitted by 16 LED lamps is homogeneous, powerful, without shadows and with excellent color rendering (Ra> 95, R13> 90). The intensity of the lighting can be adjusted to 4 different levels while the LED technology offers reduced emitted heat and low power consumption.


For the best color performance, you can choose between 2 different light temperatures (cool/warm).


It can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall. The articulated arm can be moved and fixed in any position and height while its head rotates fully (360°).


The total length of the arm exceeds 2m, providing full coverage of the space and the possibility of placing the lighting where needed.


Finally, its surfaces have a special Sanitized antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of microbes and allows for easy cleaning.


Made in Switzerland by Derungs

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά 

Ένταση φωτισμού 60.000 Lux
Διάμετρος πεδίου 21cm (στα 100cm)
Δείκτης χρωματικής απόδοσης (CRI) >95 Ra
Θερμοκρασία χρώματος 3500 K / 4500 K
Πηγή φωτισμού  LED
Μήκος βραχίονα συνολικά 224cm (116cm+ 60cm+48cm )
Διάρκεια ζωής λάμπας 50.000 h
Τάση   240 V


φωτισμός Led Visano

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