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Everyday aids

Discover everyday aids that will improve the small habits of your family. Available in the online store of Germanos Medicals you will find key handles, handles for zippers and buttons, bath supports, cutlery and other aids suitable for people with disabilities.

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Auxiliary grip with caliper
Auxiliary grip with aluminum caliper. It is made to help in everyday life and to avoid constant ben...
Furniture lifts (4 pcs)
Furniture lifts. Designed to lift chairs and beds, making it easier for the patient to get up from...
Long-handle sponge
Long-handle sponge by Gima. Quite light and suitable for people with disabilities.
Pencil or pen handle
Out of stock
Auxiliary handle for pencil or pen by Gima. Facilitates people with special needs in writing as wel...
Full sole plaster heel
Full sole plaster heel
Imetec - Electric Foot Warmer
Ηλεκτρική θερμοφόρα ποδιών Intellisense  της ΙΜΕΤΕC
Cutlery set (4 pcs)
Last piece
Cutlery set by Gima.   The set includes: Fork - Knife - Large spoon - Small spoon
Sock slider (single)
Last piece
Single sock slider 23cm for socks and tights.
Zipper & button handle
Last piece
Zipper handle and button fastening.Specially designed to facilitate people with weak hands or arthri...
Λαβή κλειδιών τριπλή
Λαβή κλειδιών τριπλή του Οίκου Gima με δυνατότητα συγκράτησης από 1 εως 3 κλειδιά.   Ιδανικά για τ...
Σετ καθαρισμού στόματος
Βουρτσάκι καθαρισμού για την περιποίηση της στοματικής κοιλότητας και την αναρρόφηση σιέλων, μίας χρ...
Beurer HK 58 Cosy neck / back heater
Neck / back electric heater with extremely soft fabric
Λαβή κλειδιών
Λαβή κλειδιών του Οίκου Gima. Ιδανικά για τα άτομα με περιορισμένη ικανότητα χρήσης των χεριών ή με...
Bath Support Handle 46cm
Bath support handle 46cm for the elderly and people with mobility problems
Μαξιλάρι καθίσματος με gel
Μαξιλάρι καθίσματος με ενσωματωμένο gel (Μemory Foam) για πρόσθετη άνεση.   Διαθέτει θήκη με φερμο...

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