If you are looking for high quality and top durable dermatological consumables, then you can definitely get them at the most economical prices from Germanos Medicals. Find dermatological pens and forceps as well as dermatoscopes. With many years of experience in the field of medical supplies and consumables, Germanos Medicals offers you a huge variety of the most reliable manufacturers on the market.

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Electrosurgery Grounding Pad for Adults
Single-use, cable-free grounding pad for adult patients with integrated solid hydrogel.
Skin Marker (pen)
Skin marker suitable for medical use with fine tip in sterile packaging.
HTC Cautery Pencil
HTC cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy, for electrocautery of small vessels, in sterile packaging.
Disposable Biopsy Punch
Disposable skin biopsy punch for obtaining a sample for laboratory examination.   In sterile packa...
Disposable Dermal Curette
Disposable dermal curette by Kai Medical, Germany, for precise scraping of soft or weak tissues, in...
Silver Nitrate Sticks 20cm - Silverin sticks (10 pcs)
Silver nitrate sticks with astringent, caustic action. Each stick contains 75% w/w silver nitrate &a...
Cotton 70 gr
Medicinal cotton 100% hydrophilic, suitable for medical and cosmetic use
Disposable grounding pad (with cable)
Out of stock
Disposable grounding pad for adult patients with integrated solid hydrogel.
Valley lab connector Kirky
Valley lab connector Kirky is a  disposable sterile medical instrument.   It works with two push-b...
Velox Foam Extra 1lt Disinfectant for sensitive surfaces
Velox Foam Extra (foam) is effective on cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces. Suitabl...
Dermatograph Pencil (6 pcs)
Dermatograph for marking the skin in order to identify the areas to be treated. Suitable for genera...
Ξυραφάκια διπλής κοπής
Ξυραφάκια μπλε διπλής κοπής για μεγαλύτερη αποτελεσματικότητα.Είναι κατάλληλα για την προεγχειρητική...
Gima Skin Lesion Scaling Instrument
Gima Skin Lesion Scaling Instrument
Dr Pen A6 Replacement head
Made to order
Replacement head for mesotherapy device Microneedling Dr. Pen A6   Number of needles: 12
Quatrodes Forte 5lt concentrated surface disinfectant
Quatrodes Forte is a concentrated liquid for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Suitable for ex...

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