At Germanos Medicals we have catheters, which serve a wide range of functions. In our online store you will find catheters for suction, gas and gastrostomy in silicone and latex material, disposable or reusable, available with different levels of flexibility depending on the use. They are suitable for serving the daily needs of patients.

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Biomed 3-way Stopcock
Biomed 3-way stopcock. For connecting to a serum system, with the possibility of 360° rotation. It...
Bicakcilar Suction catheter with vacuum control
Bicakcilar suction catheter with vacuum control for better adjustment of suction. It is sterile, dis...
TIK Nelaton Catheter
Nelaton male urethral catheter by TIK, Slovenia. Sterile and disposable, 40 cm long.  
2-way Foley Latex Catheter
Foley bladder catheter (2-way) made of natural latex for urethral strictures.   It is 40cm long an...
Tiemann Catheter
Tiemann urethral catheter by Bicakcilar, Turkey, disposable with tapered tip, 40cm long.
Bicakcilar Nelaton Catheter
Nelaton male urethral catheter by Bicakcilar, Turkey. Sterile and disposable, 40 cm long  ...
Suction Catheter
Disposable suction catheter, sterile, 40cm long.   Size Color Ν22        Purple...
Spigot IΙ Catheter caps
Spigot IΙ Catheter caps by Bicakcilar, Turkey. Suitable for occlusion of Foley or feeding catheters...
2-way Foley Silicone Catheter
100% silicone Foley bladder catheter (2-way).
Enfit Syringes 50ml-60ml
Special gastrostomy syringes 50ml-60ml with tip cap that connect securely to the gastrostomy cathete...
3-way Foley Silicone Catheter
3-way Foley bladder catheter made of 100% silicone.
Bicakcilar gas catheter
Disposable gas catheter, sterile 40cm. Non-traumatic with a soft tip.
Levin Feeding Tube
Levin nasogastric feeding catheter by TIK, Slovenia, 120cm long, sterile disposable.
Greencath Plus Nelaton Self-lubricating Catheter
Greencath Plus Nelaton self-lubricating catheter by TIK, Slovenia, for easy self-catheterization of...
Clerf Mucus Trap
Clerf mucus trap

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