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REX powder-free sterile surgical gloves (pair)
REX powder-free sterile surgical gloves   Suitable for use in minor or major surgeries.   With...
Noblemed Gauze Non Sterile (100 pcs)
Noblemed 8 ply (8ply) general purpose non-sterile gauze pads.   Code Dimensions Threads/ c...
Peha-taft Classic Powder-Free Surgical Gloves (in pairs)
Powder-free surgical gloves made of natural latex. Suitable for all surgical procedures, particularl...
Fenestrated Surgical Drape
Fenestrated surgical drapes, 2 ply waterproof in blue color.   Dimensions 38 x 45 cm...
Molicare Extra Plus - Incontinence Day Slip (Diaper)
Hartmann Germany MoliCare® Premium day incontinence diapers for severe to acute urinary and / or fae...
100% cotton Fabric Kids Face Mask with patterns
100% cotton kids' fabric mask in cheerful designs 
Replacement Head Dr Pen Α1
Dr. Pen Ultima A1 replacement head for Microneedling mesotherapy device.    Number of needle...
Trachi-hold Tube Holder
Trachi-hold tube holder by Kapitex, UK, for holding the trachea.
Vicryl 5.0 Suture
Vicryl 5/0 braided suture.   Code Needle Thread Needle W9105 16mm round atraumatic 1...
Excellent Antimicrobial Nitrile Gloves
Excellent nitrile test gloves from Abena that provide antimicrobial protection and fight infections....
Kids Fabric Cloth Face Mask with patterns
Kids fabric face mask    It protects against corrosive organisms derived from body fluids as well...
Debby Grip Tubular Bandage
Intensive compression Debby-Grip tubular bandage, 10m long
Coverflex Tubular Bandage (Stocking)
Elastic tubular bandage by Hartmann, Germany, made of dense silk material
Otoscope cones 31300 Gima
Spare cones for otoscope 31300 Combi Set Gima
Trachi-dress Tracheostomy Dressings (20 pcs)
Trachi-dress absorbent tracheostomy dressings by Kapitex, UK that reduces the accumulation of mucus...

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