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Debby Grip Tubular Bandage

SKU: 000054
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Intensive compression Debby-Grip tubular bandage, 10m long

Intensive compression Debby-Grip tubular bandage to prevent swelling and relieve musculoskeletal damage, 10m long

It can also be used as a warming bandage for arthritis, etc.


Width  Use
4,25cm (Α) children's bandage on the wrist & arm
6,25cm (Β) small bandage on wrist, arm, foot & shin
6,75cm (C) medium bandage on wrist, arm, foot & shin
7,5cm (D) large bandage on wrist, arm, foot & shin
8,75cm (E) large Arm Bandage & Small Thigh Bandage
10cm (F)  thigh bandage
12cm (G)  large thigh bandage


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