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Find online bandages for wound dressings in all sizes which are consisted of cotton and elastic threads of suitable weave, to achieve elastic behavior. You will find plaster casts available in synthetic cotton, for support and compression, as a lining under the plaster casts. High quality plaster bandages in various sizes, with a setting time of less than 2.5 minutes, are also available.

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Asepta Gauze Bandage
Alfacare Gauze 20 threads / cm2 and weight ≈ 27 gr / m2.   Packaged in single envelope of medical...
Scotchcast Synthetic Cast
3M's Scotchcast synthetic plaster combines the advantages of synthetic fibers and plaster to create...
Cervical Collar (Soft)
Soft foam collar for safe neck support.   It has velcro for proper fit.   Size Dimensions...
Finger Splint
Aluminum Zimmer finger splint.   Available in three sizes: 1/2 " 3/4 " 1 "
Stockinette Cast Sock
Stockinette inner cast tubular stocking, ideal for use as an inner cast underlay on patient's limbs....
Collar n Cuff Sling
Arm suspension strap - collar, commonly known as collar n cuff, made of foam material.   In a pack...
F. Bosch Orthopedic bandage
F. Bosch orthopedic plaster cast made of pressed 100% natural cotton. It is extremely easy and simpl...
F. Bosch plaster dressing
F. Bosch plaster dressing ready to soak, with an extremely creamy texture and increased mold reprodu...
Skin Traction Set
Skin traction for postoperative and not only fracture repair of the upper and lower extremities.
Vicryl 3.0 Violet Suture
Premium quality violet Vicryl braided suture for easy handling and secure knot tying.   Code...
Wound Pads Classic Megaplast (100 pcs)
Wound Pads Classic micro-wound dressings by Megaplast.   Apply safely and allow the skin to brea...
Optima Splint Synthetic Splint Roll
Optima splint synthetic splint roll is made of 8 layers densed woven fiberglass impregnated with a p...
Flexible hand splint
Flexible aluminum splint lined with foam for the hand.It is waterproof, easy to clean and reusable....
Flexible foot splint
Flexible aluminum splint lined with foam for the foot.It is waterproof, easy to clean and reusable....
Perlon tubular stocking - 6cm
Perlon inner cast tubular stocking, ideal for use as an inner cast liner on patient's limbs. Suitab...

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