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The equipment of your medical facility is important in order to be able to respond to any patient case. At Germanos Medicals you will find a wide variety of high quality & top quality diagnostic instruments such as stethoscopes, otoscopes, cardiographs, spirometers, oximeters, ophthalmoscopes, cardiographs, doppler, monitors, scales, etc. Choose everything you need for your medical space from the best in the field of medical supplies.

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Genial T12 Digital Thermometer
Genial T12 digital fever thermometer for use in the armpit or mouth
Homecare Diagnostic Light
Diagnostic light by Homecare for the examination of the oropharyngeal cavity and the eyes.   It...
Hunan Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
Hunan non-contact infrared thermometer for intact measurement of body temperature from the forehead...
OXY-2 oximeter
The OXY -2 finger oximeter by Gima, Italy is a particularly reliable solution for calculating SPO2 l...
Analog spygmomanometer with Yton sthethoscope
Analog spygmomanometer with sthethoscope by Gima, Italy, suitable for both medical and home use.
Gima Sigma - C Led Otoscope
Sigma – C Led otoscope by Gima, Italy, with super bright Led lighting and 3x magnification for a cle...
Nimo Digital Thermometer
Nimo Digital Armpit Thermometer.
Seca 201 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape
Seca 201 is an elegant tape that measures the human body with millimeter accuracy according to the h...
Omron RS2 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron RS2 wrist blood pressure monitor with irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) detection. It is easily...
Omron Comfort M6 Automatic Bloop Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Intellisense sphygmomanometer, is a super-automatic device that works only at the p...
Omron Basic M2 Classic Blood Pressure Monitor
The Omron Basic M2, fully automatic blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology*. Accurately...
Jumper Plus oximeter
The Jumper Plus oximeter is a very economical and reliable solution. Suitable for home and professio...
OXY - 50 oximeter
OXY-50 pulse oximeter with finger clip by Gima, Italy. It has a color indicator for instant measurem...
Stethoscope hard case
Stethoscope hard case by Gima, Italy.
Combi set otoscope & diagnostic lens
The Combi set by Gima, Italy, combines the two functions of the otoscope and diagnostic lens.

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