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Instrument Disinfection

Disinfection and proper care of surgical instruments is essential before examining each patient. In the online store of Germanos Medicals you can find medical products for exclusive use but also for home care. Also available online is a variety of surgical instruments disinfectants such as disinfectant oil, wet wipes and disinfectant spray. Purchase from Germanos Medicals, with many years of experience in the field, disinfectants for surgical instruments and machines with immediate effectiveness.

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Viruton Forte 1lt concetrated for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments
Viruton Forte 1lt is a highly effective, concentrated product for simultaneous cleaning and disinfec...
Cautery Tip Cleaner
Cautery Tip Cleaner sponge
Viruton Bohr 1lt Cleaning & Disinfection of rotary instruments
Viruton Bohr is a ready to use product, recommended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of ro...
Disinfectant solution of rotary instruments (2lt)
Last piece
Solution for the disinfection and cleaning of rotary instruments   Ready to use - To be us...
Gigasept instru AF - Concentrated Instrument Disinfectant (2lt)
Gigasept is a concentrated product for the disinfection and cleaning of medical instruments of all t...
Korsolex PAA  Instrument Disinfectant 5lt
Out of stock
Korsolex PAA 5LT disinfectant by Bode, Germany, suitable for high-level disinfection of surgical ins...
Gigasept PAA 5lt medical instruments disinfectant
High level immersion disinfectant of medical and surgical instruments, effective against bacteria, f...
Gigazyme® enzymatic cleaning agent 2 lt
Gigazyme® is an enzymatic cleaning agent specially designed for cleaning endoscopes (even in automat...
Surgical Instrument Lubricating Oil
Synthetic oil for the maintenance and lubrication of surgical and metal instruments.
BODE Disinfection Container 3lt
Bode 3lt plastic container by Bode, Germany, for the disinfection of surgical instruments and endosc...
Viruton Pulver 1kg surgical instrument disinfectant (powder)
Viruton Pulver is designed for cleaning and high-level disinfection of invasive and non-invasive dev...
AntiRust Med concentrated antirust liquid 1lt
AntiRust Med concentrated antirust liquid for instruments 1lt, suitable for stainless steel tools....
Sterilization Box 3lt
Plastic sterilization box 3lt by Gima, Italy. It has removable internal perforated instrument tray...
Antirust liquid for furnaces MedRust (foam) 1lt
MedRust anti-rust furnace cleaning liquid in foam, for the treatment of rust and corrosion of the in...
Diamond Rubbel Instrument Care Block
Diamond Rubbel instrument and wheel friction plate with microdiamond crystals for the care and treat...

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