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Instrument Disinfection

Disinfection and proper care of surgical instruments is essential before examining each patient. In the online store of Germanos Medicals you can find medical products for exclusive use but also for home care. Also available online is a variety of surgical instruments disinfectants such as disinfectant oil, wet wipes and disinfectant spray. Purchase from Germanos Medicals, with many years of experience in the field, disinfectants for surgical instruments and machines with immediate effectiveness.

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Viruton Forte 1lt concetrated for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments
Viruton Forte 1lt is a highly effective, concentrated product for simultaneous cleaning and disinfec...
Liquid Surface Disinfectant Mikrozid AF 250ml
Mikrozid AF Liquid (250ml) is a solution used for fast and effective disinfection of surfaces, plant...
Disinfectant solution of rotary instruments (2L)
Solution for the disinfection and cleaning of rotary instruments   Ready to use - To be us...
Viruton Bohr 1lt Cleaning & Disinfection of rotary instruments
Viruton Bohr is a ready to use product, recommended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of ro...
Korsolex PAA  Instrument Disinfectant 5lt
Απολυμαντικό Korsolex PΑΑ 5LT του οίκου Bode της Hartmann κατάλληλο για απολύμανση εργαλείων. Με ευ...
Gigasept instru AF - Συμπυκνωμένο Απολυμαντικό Εργαλείων (2 lt)
Out of stock
Gigasept is a concentrated product for the disinfection and cleaning of medical instruments of all t...
Cidex OPA Solution - Instrument Disinfectant 3,87lt
Ready to use disinfectant for instruments and endoscopes Cidex OPA 3.87lt.
Cautery Tip Cleaner
Σφουγγαράκι καθαρισμού διαθερμίας  ακίδας Tip Cleaner
BODE Disinfection Bath 3lt
Δοχείο πλαστικό Bode 3lt για την απολύμανση χειρουργικών εργαλείων και ενδοσκοπίων.  Οίκου Bode Γερ...
Gigazyme® enzymatic cleaning agent 2 lt
Last piece
Gigazyme® is an enzymatic cleaning agent specially designed for cleaning endoscopes (even in automat...
Gigasept PAA 5lt medical instruments disinfectant
High level immersion disinfectant of medical and surgical instruments, effective against bacteria, f...
Surface Disinfectant Terralin protect 2lt
Terralin protect surface disinfectant 2lt is a concentrated liquid for disinfecting all surfaces of...
Surgical Instument Lubricating Oil
Συνθετικό λάδι για την συντήρηση και την λίπανση των χειρουργικών και μεταλλικών εργαλείων. 
Bodedex forte Instrument Disinfectant 5lt
Bodedex® forte by BODE, Germany, is a professional cleaning liquid in a concentrated form for the de...
Viruton Pre 1lt
Viruton Pre is a ready to use product for pre - disinfecting and cleaning foam for surgical instrume...

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