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Gigasept PAA 5lt medical instruments disinfectant

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High level immersion disinfectant of medical and surgical instruments, effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores

High level disinfectant for medical instruments.


Areas of application:

Immersion, or disinfection in semi-automatic washing machines of already cleaned heat-sensitive medical aids such as optical fibers, endoscopes and ophthalmological equipment.


Microbiological effectiveness:

Gigasept® PAA is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores


Dosage and method of use:

Gigasept® PAA acts immediately and remains stable for 7 days or 50 cycles. The concentration of PAA in the solution can be checked using Gigasept® PAA test strips. Otherwise, please follow your specific terms of use, local guidelines and regulations. Always ensure that the endoscope is prewashed and that the surfaces are thoroughly wetted. Immerse the hollow objects in such a way that the air is completely removed from the lumen. After the required contact time has elapsed, rinse thoroughly with sterile or filtered water before reuse. Follow the recommended contact time. Gigasept® PAA can be used in semi-automatic endoscope washers compatible with peracetic acid. Check compatibility with peracetic acid. Do not dilute Gigasept® PAA.



  • Ready-to-use liquid
  • No aldehydes
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores
  • No activation required
  • Medical Device CE


100 g gigasept® PAA contains: 0.1 g peracetic acid


Ready-to-use liquid


5 lt

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