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Various Medical Disposables

Purchase consumable medical supplies for your office or clinic, which are necessary for the examination of the patient. You will find online a wide variety of consumable medical products and instruments such as caps, silicone and latex rubbers, dispensers, clips related to specific specialties.


Our goal is none other than the health of your patients, maintaining the best quality for you at the most advantageous prices. The high quality and the top features of the medical products are a priority for us!

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Biomed bung cannulas
Biomed bung cannulas with luer lock adapter. Sterile package.
Urine Collection Container
Plastic urine collection container 100ml
Syringe Combi Stopper
Single-use double-sided luer lock caps for syringes in sterile packaging.
Biopsy sampling container 60ml
Biopsy sampling container 60ml, translucent with yellow screw cap.   They are packed airtight, ins...
Surgical Scrub Brush
Disposable surgical brush with 7.5% iodine, for the disinfection of hands and nails. On one side it...
Sampling-biopsy containers with screw cap 15ml
Sampling-biopsy containers with screw cap.   They have a watertight screw cap closure. Ide...
Umbilical cord clips
Umbilical cord clips sterile, suitable for holding the umbilical cord of the newborn.
Quick Release Buckle Tourniquet
Easy to use quick release buckle tourniquet
Optilube Lubricating Gel 82gr
Optilube lubricating gel 82gr, suitable for a wide range of applications.   Formulated with wate...
Silver Nitrate Sticks 20cm - Silverin sticks (10 pcs)
Out of stock
Silver nitrate sticks with astringent, caustic action. Each stick contains 75% w/w silver nitrate &a...
Homecare Diagnostic Light
Diagnostic light by Homecare for the examination of the oropharyngeal cavity and the eyes.   It...
Ultrasonic Probe Covers PLP (144 pcs)
Oil free ultrasonic sensor Probe covers. Transparent, smooth, cylindrical with a diameter of 51mm....
Lubricating Gel K-Y 82gr
K-Y Jelly 82gr lubricant by Johnson & Johnson is widely used for both medical and personal use.
Latex Tubing
Latex tubing   Ext. diameter 14mm Int. diameter 10mm Tube thickness 2mm...
Silicone Tubing
Silicone tubing   Ext. diameter 10mm Int. diameter 8mm Thickness  2mm...

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