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Purchase consumable medical supplies for your office or clinic, which are necessary for the examination of the patient. You will find online a wide variety of consumable medical products and instruments such as caps, silicone and latex rubbers, dispensers, clips related to specific specialties.


Our goal is none other than the health of your patients, maintaining the best quality for you at the most advantageous prices. The high quality and the top features of the medical products are a priority for us!

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Cryos Ice Spray 400ml
Cryos Ice Spray 400ml treats pain immediately and is particularly useful in sports.
Pap Smear Spatulas - Wooden (100 pcs)
Wooden spatulas for Pap test.   Packaging: 100 pieces
Stool Sample Container
Lined stool collection container 60ml with screw cap that has a built-in spatula.
Disposable Cotton Swabs Jumbo (100 pcs)
20cm jumbo disposable cotton swabs.   Packaging: 100 pcs
Laser Hair Removal Gel
A gel specially designed for cosmetic laser hair removal.
Dry Heat Indicator Strips (250 pcs)
Sterilization Indicators by Steritec, USA, for use in dry sterilizers.   Packaging: 250 pcs
Medicine Cups
Transparent medicine cups 30ml, graduated per 5ml   Packaging 3750 pcs 5000 pcs...
Cryos Ice Spray 200ml
Cryos Ice Spray 200ml treats pain immediately and is particularly useful in sports
Sterilisation Chemical Indicators Sterigut (250 pcs)
Sterilisation Chemical Indicators Sterigut by Amcor, Australia, suitable for checking in-pack steril...
Laboratory Mechanical Timer
60 minute mechanical countdown timer. Suitable for laboratory timekeeping.
Histofreezer Cryosurgical kit 2x80ml
The Histofreezer by OraSure Technologies Inc. is a simple but effective cryo-freezing system with an...
Massage Cream Skin Essentials 260ml
Skin Essentials Massage Cream 260ml by "Papoutsanis" with a unique composition offers hydration, sof...
Inspection Pen Torch Fortelux LED
Fortelux N inspection pen torch by Riester, Germany, is one of the most popular pocket diagnostic li...
Spirometry Nose Clips - Plastic
Nose clips for spirometry test.   Available per piece.
Dermatograph Pencil (6 pcs)
Dermatograph for marking the skin in order to identify the areas to be treated. Suitable for genera...

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