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All the necessary items for the patient's home care can be found in our online store. We have items for cleaning the patient up to aids for his daily life. Guided by the best patient care at home, we have suction devices and nebulizers as well as medical supplies for people with respiratory problems.

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Single plastic mattress cases
Single plastic mattress cases   Packaging: 10 pcs  
Nasal Oxygen Cannula & Tube
Nasal oxygen cannulas with 2m long tube are designed to provide high oxygen flow (15lt/min) during o...
Nebulizer Mask
Out of stock
Aerolin oxygen mask made of transparent elastic material, suitable for drug nebulization   Availab...
Abena Shampoo Cap
The shampoo cap by Abena is ideal for the care of patients as it is impregnated with shampoo and con...
Oxygen Mask
Transparent elastic mask for oxygen supply with flexible nasal plate for better retention on the fac...
Disposable bedpan
Out of stock
Disposable bedpan, made entirely from 100% recyclable paper pulp.
Male Urinal
Plastic Male Urinal
Abena cleansing gloves 23x16cm (50 pcs)
Out of stock
Abena disposable body cleansing gloves.   Dimensions: 23x16cm Packaging: 50 pcs
Abena Hair & Body Wash (Washing without water) 200ml
Abena soap 200ml for cleansing hair and body specially designed for bedridden people and very sensit...
Venturi Oxygen Mask
Elastic transparent venturi mask by Teleflex, with 7 valves to adjust the air flow to the desired le...
Plastic Bedpan
Reusable plastic bedpan made of 100% non-toxic polypropylene
Seven Day Pill Box with 4 Compartments
Case for arranging pills weekly in the four periods of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening)
Fahl nebulizer set
Out of stock
Fahl nebulizer set for use with patients with tracheostomy.
B-Spiro Inspiratory Exerciser
B-Spiro inspiratory exerciser by Bicakcilar.
Nebulizer Nimo
Nimo nebulizer, ideal for home use for patients of all ages.   Nebulizes all medications easily...

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