Treat any injury with care using orthopedic items, which you will find online in a wide variety. The wide range of Germanos Medicals includes bandages in various sizes, elastic bandages, plaster bandages as well as adhesive bandages that help and support injuries to the extremities.

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Rolta Soft Padding Bandage
Hartmann's Rolta Soft synthetic plaster bandages made of non-absorbent fibers, 3m long.   Width...
Safix plus Cast Bandage
Safix plus cast bandage by Hartmann, Germany, in a 2.7m long roll for tubular plaster casts.   Wid...
PIC Flexa Elast Elastic Bandage
Flexa Elast elastic bandage, excellent quality by PIC Solution, Italy. Width Length 6cm...
Peha-haft Cohesive Bandage
Peha-haft cohesive elastic bandage 4m long, suitable for all types of fixation, especially for joint...
Weroplast Adhesive Bandage
Self-adhesive Weroplast Forte bandage, 2.5m long (4.5m in tension).   Width 6 cm 8 cm 10 cm...
Elastic Net Bandage
Elastic net bandage by Bastos Viegas, Portugal, for fixing patches all over the body.   Length in...
F. Bosch Orthopedic bandage
F. Bosch orthopedic plaster cast made of pressed 100% natural cotton. It is extremely easy and simpl...
Asepta Triangular Bandage
The Asepta triangular bandage offers ideal support for upper extremity injuries.   It holds the ar...
Tensoplast Adhesive Bandage
Adhesive hypoallergenic bandage Tensoplast by BSN Medicals.   Width Length (in extent)...
F. Bosch plaster dressing
F. Bosch plaster dressing ready to soak, with an extremely creamy texture and increased mold reprodu...
Spider Bandage
"Spider" sports bandage, suitable for protecting the skin under the tape bandage.   Dimensions (Wx...
Used by orthopaedic surgeons to measure the range of movement of joints
Debby Grip Tubular Bandage
Intensive compression Debby-Grip tubular bandage, 10m long
Gyspona Plaster Dressing
Gyspona Plaster Dressing by BSN Medical.   Available in 2 sizes: 10cm x 2.7m 15cm x 2.7m Pa...
Gima Scoliometer
Instrument for the evaluation of scoliosis of the spine

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