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At Germanos Medicals we have a wide range of excellent quality wound dressings. You will find all the necessary for the treatment and care of moderate to high intensity wounds as well as materials for daily use. We have waterproof and absorbent wound dressings, which are self-adhesive or not.


Choose the right wound dressings to meet your needs. We supply wound dressings by Hartmann, 3M of BSN and other Greek companies. In the same category you will find hemostatic Pharmalead spray for hemostasis in small superficial wounds.

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Cosmopor Adhesive Dressing
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Cosmopor self-adhesive dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for post-operative wound care as well as the s...
Cosmopor I.V. Dressing
Out of stock
Cosmopor I.V. dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for the fixation of the venous indwelling cannula.
Noblemed Gauze Non Sterile (100 pcs)
Noblemed 8 ply (8ply) general purpose non-sterile gauze pads.   Code Dimensions Threads/ c...
Sterilux Gauze Non Sterile (100pcs)
Sterilux gauze pads by Hartmann, Germany, non-sterile high quality (17 threads/ 8 ply).   Di...
Opsite Post-OP Dressing
Opsite Post-OP waterproof, sterile dressing by Smith & Nephew for the care of post-operative wou...
REX Sterile Absorbent Gauze Swabs 36x40cm (10 pcs)
REX sterile absorbent gauzes swabs 36x40cm, suitable for a multitude of applications from general wo...
Noblemed Absorbent Gauze Swabs Sterile 36x40cm (100pcs)
Noblemed sterile absorbent gauzes 36x40cm, suitable for various applications from general wound care...
Gauze dressings non-woven non-sterile (100 pcs)
Gauze dressing non-sterile, made of 4ply non-woven material.   Code Dimensions NW0505...
Asepta Gauze Non sterile  (pack)
Γάζες αποστειρωμένες Alfacare κομμένες και διπλωμένες εσωτερικά από 100% βαμβακερά υδρόφιλα νήματα....
Medicomp Non-woven Dressing (100 pcs)
Medicomp non-sterile non-woven dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for general wound care as a poultice o...
Sterilux Sterile Gauze (25 pcs)
High quality Sterilux gauzes (17 threads/8ply) by Hartmann, Germany, sterile in a pack of 2.  ...
Soft - Zellin Alcohol Swabs (100 pcs)
Soft - Zellin alcohol cleaning swabs, impregnated with 0.5 ml of isopropyl alcohol (70% V/V), steril...
Spongostan Dental Hemostatic Sponge
Hemostatic sponge Spongostan by Ethicon, USA, excellent quality specially formed for dental applicat...
Omnifix Non-woven Dressing Retention Tape
Ταινία ελαστική αυτοκόλλητη μη υφασμένη 10 μέτρων.    Πλάτος 10 cm 15 cm 20 c...
Pressure hemostatic bandage
Pressure hemostatic bandage, sterile   Dimensions: 8x10cm

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