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Coverflex Tubular Bandage (Stocking)

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Elastic tubular bandage by Hartmann, Germany, made of dense silk material

The elastic tubular bandage (stocking) by Hartmann, Germany, skin-friendly made of dense silk material with integrated elastane fibers for secure installation


  • It is installed easily and quickly without auxiliary means
  • It does not allow the ointment to leak, thus linen and clothes are protected
  • With built-in colored stripes for size marking           
Color Size/ Perimeter Use

Green Ν.2 / 10-25cm   

children's thigh bandages, arm bandages
Blue Ν.3 / 20-45cm 

children's head bandages, arm bandages, shin

Yellow Ν.4 / 35-65cm 

head, torso, thigh

Beige Ν.5 / 50-120cm 



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