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Η οικογένεια της HARTMANN καινοτομεί προσφέροντας στο χώρο της υγείας γάντια, γάζες, επιθέματα, ταινίες συγκράτησης, επιδέσμους, είδη για κατ’ οίκον φροντίδα, απολυμαντικά εργαλείων και επιφανειών - μικρών και μεγάλων. 

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Cosmopor Adhesive Dressing
Cosmopor self-adhesive dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for post-operative wound care as well as the s...
Cosmopor I.V. Dressing
Cosmopor I.V. dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for the fixation of the venous indwelling cannula.
Rolta Soft Padding Bandage
Hartmann's Rolta Soft synthetic plaster bandages made of non-absorbent fibers, 3m long.   Width...
Peha-taft Classic Powder-Free Surgical Gloves (in pairs)
Powder-free surgical gloves made of natural latex. Suitable for all surgical procedures, particularl...
Safix plus Cast Bandage
Safix plus cast bandage by Hartmann, Germany, in a 2.7m long roll for tubular plaster casts.   Wid...
Foliodrape Surgical Drape
The Foliodrape surgical drapes of Hartmann Germany have been produced from 3-layer material
Sterilux Gauze Non Sterile (100pcs)
Sterilux gauze pads by Hartmann, Germany, non-sterile high quality (17 threads/ 8 ply).   Di...
Medicomp Non-woven Dressing (100 pcs)
Medicomp non-sterile non-woven dressing by Hartmann, Germany, for general wound care as a poultice o...
Foliodrape Fenestrated Surgical Drape
Χειρουργικά πεδία Foliodrape με οπή από εξαιρετικής ποιότητας υλικό 3 στρώσεων.   Διαστάσεις...
Sterilux Sterile Gauze (25 pcs)
High quality Sterilux gauzes (17 threads/8ply) by Hartmann, Germany, sterile in a pack of 2.  ...
Soft - Zellin Alcohol Swabs (100 pcs)
Soft - Zellin alcohol cleaning swabs, impregnated with 0.5 ml of isopropyl alcohol (70% V/V), steril...
Peha-haft Cohesive Bandage
Peha-haft cohesive elastic bandage 4m long, suitable for all types of fixation, especially for joint...
Omnifix Non-woven Dressing Retention Tape
Ταινία ελαστική αυτοκόλλητη μη υφασμένη 10 μέτρων.    Πλάτος 10 cm 15 cm 20 c...
Molicare Extra Plus - Incontinence Day Slip (Diaper)
Hartmann Germany MoliCare® Premium day incontinence diapers for severe to acute urinary and / or fae...
Foliodrape Adhesive Surgical Drape
Χειρουργικά πεδία αυτοκόλλητα Foliodrape δύο στρωμάτων μιας χρήσης.   Διαστάσεις 45x75c...

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