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Η οικογένεια της HARTMANN καινοτομεί προσφέροντας στο χώρο της υγείας γάντια, γάζες, επιθέματα, ταινίες συγκράτησης, επιδέσμους, είδη για κατ’ οίκον φροντίδα, απολυμαντικά εργαλείων και επιφανειών - μικρών και μεγάλων. 

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MoliCare Premium Super Plus - Incontinence Night Slip (Diaper)
MoliCare® Premium Super Plus night incontinence diapers by Hartmann, Germany for acute urinary and /...
Peha- Soft Fino Nitrile Gloves (150 pcs)
Nitrile gloves Peha - Soft Fino by Hartmann.   Code Size 942196 Small 942197 Me...
Dermaplast Adhesive Plasters (100 pcs)
DermaPlast Universal micro-wound dressings by Hartmann which apply safely and allow the skin to brea...
Dermaplast Adhesive Plaster Spots (200 pcs)
Dermaplast adhesive plaster spots round by Hartmann, Germany, in a box of 200 pieces.
Omnifilm Plastic Adhesive Tape
Omnifilm fixing tape made of porous, transparent film with polyacrylic adhesive material, 5m long....
Pur-Zellin Swab Roll Non Sterile (500 pcs/roll)
Pur-Zellin swab roll by Hartmann, Germany, in 4x5cm non-sterile pre-cut rolls.   They are used to...
Molimed Comfort Pads (28 pcs)
Molimed Comfort sanitary napkins by Hartmann, Germany, made of antibacterial non-woven, made with Dr...
Molimed Active - Incontinence Pads for Men (14 pcs)
Out of stock
Molimed Active incontinence pads for men by Hartmann, Germany, for mild incontinence.    Packaging...
Molicare Mobile Incontinence Night Pants (14 pcs)
Molicare Mobile diapers by Hartmann, Germany, in the form of underwear for moderate to severe incont...
Omnitape Sports Tape
Strong adhesive tape Omnitape by Hartmann, Germany, 10m long.
Dermaplast waterproof - 5 sizes (40 pcs)
Self-adhesive waterproof pads for minor injuries.
Mediset suture removal set
Mediset suture removal set by Hartmann, fully sterile.
Molicare Hand Cream 200ml
Molicare Skintegrity 200ml hand cream by Hartmann, Germany contains valuable ingredients, tones and...
Molicare Skin Zin Oxide Cream 200ml
Molicare Skin Zin Oxide cream 200ml with rich natural almond oil, moisturizing amino acids and creat...
Hartmann Bedmat Premium bed sheets 60x90cm
Out of stock
BedMat Premium Bed Sheets by Hartmann, Germany, highly absorbent    Dimensions: 60x90cm Packaging...

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