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Abri-Soft Multi-purpose underpad 85x90cm

SKU: 407300
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Reusable multi-purpose underpad - washable Abri-Soft 85x90cm. Washable up to 300 times at 95°C, with great durability for use in a dryer.


Packaging: 1 pc

Reusable multi-purpose underpad - washable Abri-Soft 85x90cm ideal for people with incontinence problems, for daily comfort and safety.


Made of soft polyester surface and absorbent core for a dry feeling.

It has a layer of fluid barrier, made of breathable PU, for better skin conditions.


  • Soft, discreet & quiet
  • Soft and comfortable surface, ensuring optimal user comfort
  • It has rounded corners to reduce wear when washed.

It can be washed at least 300 times at 95°C and is durable for use in a dryer.


Packaging: 1 pc

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