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O-Pur Oxygen Bottle

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Portable O-Pur Cylinder Bottle 8lt from Newpharm,Switzerland for immediate rejuvenation in people who need oxygen replenishment due to stress or shortness of breath.



Portable O-Pur Cylinder Bottle 8lt by Newpharm, Switzerland for immediate rejuvenation in people with shortness of breath or asthma, in the elderly, smokers, people who have suffered from allergic shock. In addition, it is a source of energy for people with intense physical and/ or mental strain (stress, fatigue, etc.)


The level of oxygen in the blood increases up to 30% after 10 inhalations.


Recommended for use before or after intense physical or mental fatigue.


Minimizes the harmful effects of smoke and cloud.


Used by celebrities, professional athletes.

Content: 8lt (70-80 inhalations)

Bottle weight: 160gr

Dimensions: 3 x 12 inches

Container construction material: Aluminum

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