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Acetic acid solution 5% (200ml)

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Acetic acid solution 5% in a bottle of 200ml, suitable for gynecological use

Acetic acid solution 5% in a bottle of 200ml.

Acetic acid in a 3% to 5% solution is widely used in the field of gynecology for colposcopic examinations of the cervix to assist physicians in locating neoplastic areas. The scarred tissue is stained white, due to the high concentration of nuclear proteins of the hyperplastic epithelium, while the normal tissue remains as it is.


Instructions for use:
The doctor moistens the examined area with the solution
A visual assessment of the color change follows
After use, the area is rinsed with water or saline.



Keep well closed and protected from light, at room temperature 15°-30°C.


Ingredients: Acetic acid, Preservatives

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