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Get the right equipment and consumables needed in every gynaecological office. At Germanos Medicals you will find obstetric and gynaecological consumables such as speculums and ultrasound gels from reputable suppliers that prioritize patient safety and hygiene.

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Ultrasound Gel Aquasonic 100 5lt
Last piece
Aquasonic 100 5lt ultrasound gel, indicated for gynecological examination and endoscopy.   Availab...
Pap Smear Sampling Brush - 100pcs
Gynecological plastic brushes for Pap-tests, adapted to the dimensions of the cervix. They are non-...
Insemination catheter - Ainsewhite
Single lumen sperm transfer catheter into the uterine cavity. Specially designed for artificial inse...
Microscope Slide Plastic Folder For 2 Slides
Microscope Slide Plastic Folder For 2 Slides. Ideal for Pap tests.
Viruton Pre 1lt
Viruton Pre is a ready to use product for pre - disinfecting and cleaning foam for surgical instrume...
Cytology Fixative Spray 250ml
Cytology fixative spray by GPS, Italy
Gima pregnancy prediction disc
The Gima pregnancy prediction disc is used by obstetricians and professionals. It consists of two r...
Pap test Gynecological examination set
Gynecological examination set which includes all the necessary consumables for the Pap Test examinat...
Acetic acid solution 5% (200ml)
Acetic acid solution 5% in a bottle of 200ml, suitable for gynecological use
Intrauterine fluid collection catheter Rampipella
Device for endometrial cytologic aspiration and sperm sampling in post-coital tests. The cannula is...
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm by Fiab, Italy.
Intrauterine Device (IUD) - U Shaped
U-shaped IUD for long-term contraception
Viruton Pulver 1kg surgical instrument disinfectant (powder)
Viruton Pulver is designed for cleaning and high-level disinfection of invasive and non-invasive dev...
Non-woven Gynaecological Skirt (10pcs)
Disposable non-woven skirts/dresses for gynecological examination. They have elastic band on the up...
Samu-med Tampon 2gr (100pcs)
Samu-med cotton tampon 2gr by Hartmann, Germany. Ideal for tamping in gynecological procedures.

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