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Biocare Single Channel Electrocardiograph

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Biocare's 101G digital single-channel cardiograph features a 7" TFT LCD display for easy reading of waveforms and data printing is done via a high-resolution thermal printer.

Biocare's 101G digital single-channel cardiograph is a simple and reliable solution for every doctor's office. It has a 7" TFT LCD screen for easy reading of the waveforms while the measurement data can be recorded in internal memory.


The data is printed using a high-resolution thermal printer. It has a system that protects the operation of the cardiograph from the parasites of the defibrillator.


Its rechargeable battery, with an autonomy of up to 6 hours, and its light weight allow you to take it with you everywhere!

Technical Faetures 

Input resistance >50ΜΩ
Response frequency 0.05-150Hz
Patient leakage current 10μΑ
Input circuit current <0.1μΑ
Time constant >3.2s
Sensitivity  2.5,5,10,20 mm/mV
Print speed 6.25,12.5,25,50 mm/s
Print functions Automatic, manual
Power supply Current (240V,50/60Hz,40VA) and Battery (12V rechargeable)
Dimensions 31x23x7 cm
Weight 3kg
Warranty 1 year

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