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Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

Είδη τραχειοστομίας και λαρυγγεκτομής.

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Tracheal Compress with Aluminium Coating
Tracheal compress with a special slit by Fahl, Germany, reinforced with aluminum foil for greater ti...
Optiflausch Tube Holder (Adults)
Optiflausch tube holder by Fahl, Germany for adults made of soft foam.  
Τ 46440 HME Filter
Out of stock
Humidofix humidification-heating filter by Fahl, Germany, for sterile T-shaped tracheal tube.
Humidobac HME Filter
Humidobac humidification / heating filter ideal for patients connected to a ventilator circuit.
Optiflausch Tube Holder For Children
Last piece
Optiflausch Ped tube holder for children by Fahl, Germany, made of soft foam material.
Stoma Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning wipes by Fahl, Germany for cleansing the skin around the tracheostomy.
HME Filter 46450
Out of stock
Humidification-heating filter by Fahl, Germany for Humidotrach tube with oxygen inlet port.
Junior -Tube Holder (Children)
Junior tube holder with happy design by Fahl, Germany.
Tracheal compresses for kids - Sensotrach Uno Ped Slit Fahl
Sensotrach Uno Ped Slit children's tracheostomy compresses, in a curved shape for the best fit on th...
Laryvox Standard Adhesive Base Plate
The adhesive base plate Laryvox standard by Fahl, Germany, has a strong adhesive and anatomical shap...
Fahl nebulizer set
Out of stock
Fahl nebulizer set for use with patients with tracheostomy.
Laryvox HME Filter Cassette 22mm
Humidification-heating filter by Fahl, Germany, suitable for use on an adhesive base or silicone tra...
Opticit® Tracheostomy Tube Disinfectant
Opticit® ready-to-use tracheostomy tube disinfectant by Fahl, Germany, 250ml.
Optigard® Protective dressing wipes
Optigard protective dressing wipes to prevent skin irritation around the tracheostomy, ideal for pat...
Sensotrach Tracheal Compress
Curved-shaped tracheal compress by Fahl, Germany for the best neck fit.

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