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Διαθέτει ιατρικά αναλώσιμα μεγάλης ποικιλίας για ιατρικές μονάδες και νοσοκομεία.

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Bicakcilar Suction catheter with vacuum control
Bicakcilar suction catheter with vacuum control for better adjustment of suction. It is sterile, dis...
Cannula Bicakcilar
Cannulas are equipped with embeded valve, wings on the upper and luer-lock plug. They have high flow...
Bicakcilar suction catheter without vacuum
Bicakcilar Suction catheter without vacuum. It is sterile, 50cm long, suitable for the suction of mu...
Tiemann Catheter
Tiemann urethral catheter by Bicakcilar, Turkey, disposable with tapered tip, 40cm long.
Syringe Combi Stopper
Single-use double-sided luer lock caps for syringes in sterile packaging.
Bicakcilar Nelaton Catheter
Nelaton male urethral catheter by Bicakcilar, Turkey. Sterile and disposable, 40 cm long  ...
Spigot IΙ Catheter caps
Spigot IΙ Catheter caps by Bicakcilar, Turkey. Suitable for occlusion of Foley or feeding catheters...
Bicakcilar gas catheter
Disposable gas catheter, sterile 40cm. Non-traumatic with a soft tip.
Clerf Mucus Trap
Clerf mucus trap
Bicakcilar Levin feeding catheter
Levin nasogastric feeding catheter by Bicakcilar, Turkey, 121cm long, sterile. It has markings every...
Yankauer Suction Handle
Yankauer suction handle with vacuum control and bulb tip.
Suction Catheter Kapkon Connector
Suction Catheter Kapkon Connector by Bicakcilar, Turkey, with two lateral holes and an open tip, ste...
Bicakcilar Suction Tubing
Out of stock
Plastic suction tube 210cm long for suction devices.
Spigot I Catheter stoppers
Spigot I Catheter Stoppers by Bicakcilar, Turkey.Suitable for occlusion of Foley or feeding catheter...
3-way stopcock with 120cm extension
3-way stopcock with a 120cm extension which ends in a connecting luer lock.   It offers the abilit...

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