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Παραγωγός και διανομέας ιατρικών αναλωσίμων και κατασκευαστής ιατρικών μηχανημάτων ευρείας γκάμας.

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Fazzini Suction Device Filter
Suction antimicrobial filter by Fazzini, Italy.
Disposable resuscitation mask - keychain
Disposable resuscitation mask - keychain
CPR Face Mask
Out of stock
CPR face mask with non-return valve for patient resuscitation.   In a plastic case for easy transp...
Manual suction Fazzini
The manual suction by Fazzini, Italy is a small, portable and easy-to-use suction, ideal for the rem...
Eye wash liquid 500ml
Eye wash liquid 500ml, which contains the necessary elements for an effective emergency...
Autoclavable silicone mask
Autoclavable silicone mask - Ambu   Compatible with all resuscitation devices. Ref. N...
Fazzini fiber optic otoscope
The fiber optic otoscope by Fazzini, Italy, is a modern pocket otoscope of excellent quality.
Analogue scale Class III Fazzini
Analogue scale Class III Fazzini.Ideal for clinics, pharmacies and homes..   Graduation 500...
Plastic Tongue Holding forcep
First aid plastic tongue holding forcep by Fazzini, Italy
Analogue floor scale Fazzini
Analogue floor scale suitable for home use
Fazzini Antidecubitus Alternating Air Pressure Mattress
Air pressure mattress 250E with pump by Fazzini. It is ideal for preventing the formation of ulcers...
Padded stool with foot rest Fazzini
Last piece
Padded backless stool with foot rest, for professional use.
Fazzini F.36 Suction Pump
F.36 portable suction pump by Fazzini, Italy is small, light, easy to use and low noise with 38l / m...
Round Stool with wheels
Backless round stool with wheels for professional use.
Height rod - measuring tape Fazzini
Height rod - measuring tape n.208  by Fazzini, Italy.

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