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Ελληνική εταιρεία παραγωγής αντισηπτικών και απολυμαντικών μικρών και μεγάλων επιφανειών.

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Bakti-Rub Hand & Skin Disinfectant 250ml
Ready-to-use colorless solution with alcohol in spray for rapid disinfection of hands and skin.
Bakti-Rub Hand & Skin Disinfectant 1000ml
Ready-to-use alcohol-based colorless solution in spray form for the rapid disinfection of hands and...
Bakti-Soap Premium Liquid Wash 1lt
Bakti-Soap Premium 1lt is a thin colorless hand and skin cleanser with a neutral PH of 5.5 and a mil...
Bakti Liquid Wash 4% Antiseptic soap
Baktiwash 4% CHG is an antimicrobial cream soap with chlorhexidine 4%, ideal for the deep cleaning a...

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