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Η Fiab εξειδικεύεται στην παραγωγή και διάθεση συσκευών διαθερμίας και σε αναλώσιμα για καρδιολογικών συσκευών.

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Electrosurgery Grounding Pad for Adults
Single-use, cable-free grounding pad for adult patients with integrated solid hydrogel.
HTC Cautery Pencil
HTC cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy, for electrocautery of small vessels, in sterile packaging.
Fiab ECG Adhesive Electrodes for adults (100 pcs)
Self-adhesive foam electrodes in oval shape 36x45mm, suitable for all cardiac procedures, ECG, stres...
Disposable grounding pad (with cable)
Out of stock
Disposable grounding pad for adult patients with integrated solid hydrogel.
Valley lab connector Kirky
Valley lab connector Kirky is a  disposable sterile medical instrument.   It works with two push-b...
Tracheostomy mask Fiab
Out of stock
Tracheostomy mask by Fiab, Italy.Suitable for connecting the patient to an oxygen cylinder or nebuli...
Opthalmic Cautery Pencil - Single use
Opthalmic cautery pencil by Fiab, Italy.
FIAB Sticker Electrodes for Children (100pcs)
Self-adhesive electrodes for children, by FIAB, Italy, made of foam material with snap connection....
ECG Puar Electrodes
Cardiograph suction cups. They are available in two sizes of 6 pieces. *Minimum order is 6 pieces
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm
Gynecological diathermy pen 125mm by Fiab, Italy.
ECG Clamp Electrodes (4 pcs)
Adult clamp electrodes suitable for all patient cable cardiographs that have "banana" type plugs.  ...
Monopolar Cautery Handle
Monopolar cautery handle with cable legnth 320cm.   It works with two push-buttons and has cut-coa...

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