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Η Gima, ιταλικής προελεύσεως εταιρεία, διαθέτει πάνω από 20 κατηγορίες ιατρικών ειδών και συσκευών

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Tongue Depressors for children (50pcs)
Colored tongue depressors in the shape of animals for the "younger" patients.   Packed individuall...
Ear speculum Gima
Ear speculum Gima latex free.   Dimensio Color Φ 4mm Blue Φ 2,5mm Green...
Suture training pad
Silicone suture training pad with 14 wounds.
OXY-2 oximeter
The OXY -2 finger oximeter by Gima, Italy is a particularly reliable solution for calculating SPO2 l...
Disposable amniotomy hook
Disposable amniotomy plastic hook Rimos.
Wallach type PAP-test brush
Wallach type PAP-test brush. It provides a high efficiency cell sample that helps to derive PAP-tes...
Gima Sigma - C Led Otoscope
Sigma – C Led otoscope by Gima, Italy, with super bright Led lighting and 3x magnification for a cle...
Analog spygmomanometer with Yton sthethoscope
Analog spygmomanometer with sthethoscope by Gima, Italy, suitable for both medical and home use.
Used by orthopaedic surgeons to measure the range of movement of joints
Arm sling pouch
Arm sling pouch by Gima, Italy.
Straight scalpel 13cm
Last piece
Staight scapel with thin tip. Made of stainless steel.   Dimension 13cm
Analogue floor scale Big Dial
Analogue floor scale by Gima, Italy, in a classic design with a large display for easy-to-read resul...
Military Tourniquet
Military tourniquet for emergency cases.   Desinged to stop the bleeding in emergency case.  ...
Gima pregnancy prediction disc
The Gima pregnancy prediction disc is used by obstetricians and professionals. It consists of two r...
Σετ γυναικολογικής εξέτασης TEST ΠΑΠ
Σετ γυναικολογικής εξέτασης όπου περιλαμβάνει όλα τα απαραίτητα αναλώσιμα υλικά για την εξέταση Test...

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