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Εταιρεία κατασκευής χειρουργικών σκευών, μπωλ, δίσκους, βραστήρες κλπ

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Inox Instrument Tray - Shallow
Shallow tray for medical instruments, made of stainless steel.   Size 21 x 11 cm 2...
Surgical Instrument Sterilization Box
Stainless metal surgical instrument sterilization box with lid.
Reusable Silicone Resuscitator
Reusable resuscitator GST Ambu type made of high quality silicone.
Inox Instrument Tray with Lid / Sterilization Container
Inox Instrument Tray with Lid / Sterilization Container   Dimensions 22 x 8 cm 22 x 12 cm 26...
Full sole plaster heel
Full sole plaster heel
Ambu resuscitation mask
Ambu resuscitation mask made of latex   Compatible with all resuscitation devices. Made of high...
Round Basin
Round basin made of stainless steel for the preparation of plaster.
GST Pediatric Laryngoscope
Child / infant laryngoscope with Miller blades by GST Corp India with conventional halogen lighting,...

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