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Heine Scientific είναι διακεκριμένη εταιρεία στην κατασκεύη προπλασμάτων.

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Human eye model
Human eye model 3 times full-size, a great tool to teach and learn the anatomy of the eye.   Most...
Mini skeleton model
Table mini skeleton model.   It is ideal for demonstrating the human skeleton and musculoskeletal...
Life-size heart model
Life-size heart model.   It presents chambers, valves and vessels It is attached to a base...
Venipuncture arm model
Venipuncture arm model suitable for infusion and blood drawing training. Also suitable for learning...
Cervical spinal column
Cervical spinal column is a replica that consists of occippital plate, the 7 cervical vertebrae with...
Suture Training Skin
Suture trainer in a rectangular cushion for learning of surgical suturing and knotting techniques un...
Hand model with joints
Hand model with joints. Anatomical model of the bones and ligaments of the hand Detailed, vivid...
Spine model
Spine model showing the 5 lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx, nerves and intervertebral discs.   The...
Mini skeleton model with veins and nerves
Mini skeleton model with veins and nerves. Anatomical skeleton showing human body bone structure, n...
Vertebral column model
Vertebral column is a complete model of the human spine and pelvic region with symphysis, ideal for...
Dental care model with toothbrush
Dental Care model shows the upper and lower half of an adult's dentition.   Flexible joint between...
Skin Model
Skin model that is composed of 2 parts, showing the structure of the human skin in 3 dimensions.  ...

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