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Απο τον Οίκο Hunkar προμηθευόμαστε ιατροτεχνολογικά προιόντα για καθημερινή οικιακή χρήση καθώς και για χρήση σε ιατρεία.

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Nebulizer Nimo
Nimo nebulizer, ideal for home use for patients of all ages.   Nebulizes all medications easily...
Nimo Digital Thermometer
Nimo Digital Armpit Thermometer.
Nimo Nebulizer for children
Nebulizer Nimo, ideal for home use for children, in a shape of a monkey.
Gima  Mesh Portable nebulizer
Mesh portable nebulizer by Gima, designed for use by adults and children.
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Nimo
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Nimo   It can work at a push of a button and can accurately and r...

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