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Ιατρικός εξοπλισμός, αναπηρικά αμαξίδια, κρεβάτια εισαγωγή & διακίνηση σε ιατροτεχνολογικό εξοπλισμό

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Air Cast shin splint
Air Cast tibial splint made of plastic, double valve with air - silicone pockets. Prevents the rota...
Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Out of stock
Inflatable shampoo basin for bedridden people.  
Mobiakcare Car Emergency Kit
The Mobiakcare pharmacy is a must-have in any car.   In practical size (dimensions: 23x16x4.5cm)
Auxiliary grip with caliper
Auxiliary grip with aluminum caliper. It is made to help in everyday life and to avoid constant ben...
Ηeel/ elbow Protective aid
Protective aid for heel or elbow for bed sores.
Furniture lifts (4 pcs)
Furniture lifts. Designed to lift chairs and beds, making it easier for the patient to get up from...
Back pillow anatomical roll
Back pillow for anatomical support in a roll.   Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x9x9cm
Bath Chair with Back
Last piece
Bath chair with adjustable back height to assist the person during the bath.
Sloping bed pillow
Bed pillow with slope for support.   It can also be used for bedridden patients as a nursing aid
Inflatable Shampoo Basin with Bag
Inflatable shampoo basin with 2lt bath bag for bedridden people.
Waterproof foot plaster cover (adult)
The waterproof foot cover for plaster, splint or bandage for adults
Complete car pharmacy - medium
Φαρμακείο αυτοκινήτου πλήρες, με σκληρή θήκη σε μέγεθος medium.     Διαστάσεις 23x16x4.5cm...
Bath Support Handle 46cm
Last piece
Bath support handle 46cm for the elderly and people with mobility problems
Portable Bath Bag
Out of stock
Portable bath bag.

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