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NobleMed ιατρικά είδη ιματισμού και γενικά αναλώσιμα ιατρείου.

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Ideal Elastic Bandage
Επίδεσμος ελαστικός NobleMed με υφασμένα άκρα και ελαστικότητα της τάξης του 85%.
Noblemed Gauze Non Sterile (100 pcs)
Noblemed 8 ply (8ply) general purpose non-sterile gauze pads.   Code Dimensions Threads/ c...
Single plastic mattress cases
Single plastic mattress cases   Packaging: 10 pcs  
Laminated Couch Roll (Waterproof) NobleMed Extra
NobleMed waterproof paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width     ...
Non-woven Disposable Visitor Gowns- 30gr Blue (10 pcs)
Disposable visitor gowns made of non-woven material
NobleMed sterile surgical gloves, powder-free
NobleMed sterile, powder-free natural latex surgical gloves.   Suitable for small or large operati...
Non-woven Couch Roll
Hydrophobic non-woven paper 14gr/m2 in a 50m long roll   Width 50 cm 60 cm 70 cm
2-Layer Couch Roll
Two-layer paper sheet in a roll to cover the examination bed, 50m long.   Width 35 cm 50 cm 6...
Noblemed Absorbent Gauze Swabs Sterile 36x40cm (100pcs)
Noblemed sterile absorbent gauzes 36x40cm, suitable for various applications from general wound care...

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